Absolut Fringe – part 2.

Images for The Year of Magical Wanking, Where Do I Start?, Eternal Rising of the Sun, In My Bed.
Weekend Viewing: (clockwise from top left) The Year of Magical Wanking, Where Do I Start?, Eternal Rising of the Sun, In My Bed.

I am heading back to the Dublin this evening to get my final dose of the Fringe for this year. I have tickets for The Year of Magical Wanking which is getting great reviews and I’m really looking forward to it, and the final performance of Where Do I Start? at lunchtime on Saturday. Last Monday, I also bought tickets to Eternal Rising of the Sun and In My Bed (now almost sold out), after they both got great reviews last weekend. I’m just started a course called Ensemble Acting but most of my Fringe viewing has been one-man/woman shows. I’m also really looking forward to Pop Céilí on Saturday night. Hurray for another Fringe weekend!

Of course there are loads of other shows that I would love to see but can’t fit in. If you are stuck dumb by the selection on offer, may I suggest;

Man of Valour – getting great reviews from all over the place and I’m raging I can’t fit it into my Fringe schedule. I’m hoping they will do another run sometime soon.

Luca and the Sunshine – also getting great reviews and it sounds like a sweet fairytale. It stars John Cronin who was our Bill for End of the Road and is always excellent.

Jumping Off the Earth – part of the Rough Magic SEEDS Programme and directed by José Miguel Jiménez, one fifth of The Company, it sounds like a very interesting show.

Follow – a chance to visit the new Lir Theatre see a show in sign-language.

TwentyTen, the omnibus edition – if you can manage 6 hours in the theatre absorbing all of 2010, then THEATREclub will buy you a drink. Seriously – there’s a free vodka and mixer for everyone in the audience after Saturday’s show.

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