This blog is mostly about theatre, though I have been diversifying a little bit lately and writing about favourite authors and tv shows. But it’s not a pop-culture blog, it’s a theatre blog. Most of the time, it’s a Dublin theatre blog. I mostly write about what’s happening in my local neighbourhood.

I have written reviews and interviewed actors, writers and theatre makers but generally I write about what’s going on – things I like and want to talk about; things I think are worth sharing.

When I came back to Dublin after studying drama in the UK for three years, I didn’t know how to get involved in theatre here, I didn’t know what was going on. It took me a while to get my bearings. Writing about it helped. The blog gave me an excuse to read up on something, or I’d go to a show so I would have something to write about. For a while, the blog was the website I wish I’d had when I moved back to Dublin and was trying to figure these things out. Dublin is small, and the theatre community in Dublin is smaller still. It can feel like everyone knows everyone else and you are the only one on the outside looking in. It can feel intimidating and a bit scary. Now, seven years after I moving back to Dublin, I feel very much at home here. I don’t feel like an outsider any more, and I know that cliquey thing isn’t really true. Yes, everyone knows each other but most people are also very friendly and happy to talk to strangers.

Nowadays the blog is about lots of things. Sometimes it’s a comment on trends in Irish theatre, sometimes it’s just an enthusiastic urging to go and see something wonderful. I still sometimes post about volunteer opportunities or open auditions but there are lots of places that do it more regularly than me, places like the Fringe Lab or Theatre Forum.

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