Week 2 of Absolut Fringe 2011

After taking the whole weekend off for fun at the Fringe, I had a bit of academic work to catch up on when I got back. I have been writing things for teachers instead of Fringe reviews for the blog. There will be reviews of Saturday’s shows coming soon (spoiler: they were all great but I missed In My Bed because I turned up at 7 o’clock for a show that started at 6.45pm. I think my brain had melted from Fringe overload. I fed it lots of vodka at the Festival Club that night to revive it.)

If you are in Dublin, there is still lots going on this week. Here’s what I would go and see if I was there!

  • I’ve been hearing great things about Frisky and Mannish and can definitely recommend the Festival Club!
  • Bás Tongue sounds interesting, and I say that as someone who is vaguely terrified by the Irish language. (I hated it at school!)
  • Welcome to the Forty Foot is a show about swimming everyday in the Irish Sea. Niamh McCann has done it so you don’t have do it!
  • There’s also a chance to see Dead Cat Bounce at the Festival Club for only €3. Tickets are only available on the door this Friday at 9pm.

There’s also lots of free stuff going on this week, such as the Revolutionary Texts series on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Project and the Macnas show On the edge of things is a fierce beauty which has been reschedules to Sunday 25th September. Fringe are also recruiting volunteers for this performance.

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