Absolut Fringe 2011: Do You Read Me?

Do You Read Me?
Do You Read Me? by Talking Shop Ensemble and Shaun Dunne

The blurb for Do You Read Me? suggests it’s a state-of-nation sort of play; what do we believe in when we have been let down by the church, by the State and by all those in authority? Who do we look to for comfort? It didn’t really fulfil that brief but it is still a very enjoyable show.

The production uses the space in Smock Alley to great effect. The show takes place in the area of the Boys School that was used as the Fringe bar two years ago. It’s a fantastic space – a tall room where the ceiling is three floors above you with lots of old, exposed brick walls. It’s a spooky place to watch a show about communicating with the dead. When Shaun Dunne asks for a sign from the spirit world and we sat in silence waiting for this sign, there was a sense of anticipation in the air. Even I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck start to rise and I’m a confirmed sceptic!

It’s a fun show with lots of nice moments but the thing that makes this show so enjoyable is the great performances from the engaging, young cast. They provide good company for the hour while you learn a little bit about mediums and the effect they can have on people.

It closes tomorrow so you have two more chances to see it. Book your tickets here.

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