What Did You See?

Project Arts Centre are starting a monthly Discussion Group on Performance Art called What Did You See? I made it along to a couple of the Performance Reading Groups last year and always found them interesting and informative. I love hearing other people’s ideas about art and theatre.

What Did You See? A Public Discussion Forum for Performing Arts is born out of the Performance Reading Group convened by Willie White and Noelia Ruiz during 2010-2011 in Project Arts Centre.

The aim of What Did You See? is to engage audiences and practitioners in discussion by addressing our experiences of theatrical performances we’ve seen live or in our series of screenings of key international practitioners. Those experiences are unique for each individual –everybody sees something different- and that will be the focus of our discussions.

Taking place once a month, every trimester there will consist of a conversation with practitioners showing their work at Project Arts Centre, a screening & discussion of international work, and a session dedicated to examine a relevant topic related to the performing arts.

THEATREclub presents The Family
THEATREclub presents The Family

The first discussion on Thursday, 2 February is with THEATREclub. Their new play The Family starts in Project this Friday. If you book your tickets before the end of today (January 10) you can get 25% and there’s also the Project Real Deal where tickets are 2 for 1 on January 18.

I think the performance and the discussion will both be worth going to.

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