What Did You See?

Project Arts Centre are starting a monthly Discussion Group on Performance Art called What Did You See? I made it along to a couple of the Performance Reading Groups last year and always found them interesting and informative. I love hearing other people’s ideas about art and theatre.

What Did You See? A Public Discussion Forum for Performing Arts is born out of the Performance Reading Group convened by Willie White and Noelia Ruiz during 2010-2011 in Project Arts Centre.

The aim of What Did You See? is to engage audiences and practitioners in discussion by addressing our experiences of theatrical performances we’ve seen live or in our series of screenings of key international practitioners. Those experiences are unique for each individual –everybody sees something different- and that will be the focus of our discussions.

Taking place once a month, every trimester there will consist of a conversation with practitioners showing their work at Project Arts Centre, a screening & discussion of international work, and a session dedicated to examine a relevant topic related to the performing arts.

THEATREclub presents The Family
THEATREclub presents The Family

The first discussion on Thursday, 2 February is with THEATREclub. Their new play The Family starts in Project this Friday. If you book your tickets before the end of today (January 10) you can get 25% and there’s also the Project Real Deal where tickets are 2 for 1 on January 18.

I think the performance and the discussion will both be worth going to.

Things I’m doing this week

This week I am mostly:

1. Attempting to get the supporting documents for my MA application organised so I can (finally) send them off to Galway. This includes writing a personal statement. Why is it so hard to write 600 words about myself? I should have sent all this stuff off last week but I was waiting for college transcripts from the UK and avoiding my personal statement.

2. Working on this year’s V-Day production of The Vagina Monologues! This should be Number 1 because it’s much more exciting! I am currently casting the show which will be on in The Sugar Club on April 13th. We will be raising money for Ruhama and V-Day and you can expect to hear lots more about that between now and then! If you’d like to get involved, leave a comment or email VDayDublin @ gmail.com. You can also like our Facebook page.

3. Spending lots of time in Project and seeing lots of plays! The Theatre Machine Turns You On, Vol 2 starts tonight! (Project Real Deal – Four plays for €22!) I’m seeing two plays tonight and two or three more at the weekend. I’m hoping to go and see Connected before it finishes this weekend as well.

4. Looking forward to tomorrow’s text class with ATI. First class was last week and I really enjoyed it. It’s made me think a lot about monologues and I’ll try and write down some of those thought here soon!

But for now, it’s back to the dreaded personal statement!

Corn Exchange

The fabulous, wonderful Corn Exchange have two shows on in Dublin this month.

Happy Days is on at the Project until November 20th and then Freefall starts in the Abbey on November 23rd.

I saw Happy Days at the Abbey with Fiona Shaw as Winnie a couple of years ago. It was part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. I am happy to see it again because I think it’s a play that probably improves with repeated viewings. It’s Beckett so it’s not surprising that it’s a bit odd. The couple sitting next to me left at the interval, thinking the play was over. They happened to be having a coffee in the foyer when the announcement came on to say that the second half was starting soon.

In an almost perfect inverse I saw Freefall at the Project as part of last year’s Dublin Theatre Festival. Since then they have been to Edinburgh and Mexico (I love the photos from that trip!). I thought it was a beautiful show and will probably be dragging a few people along to see it in the Abbey.

You should go see both because Corn Exchange are a wonderful company who a pretty much guaranteed to give you a great night’s entertainment, and be moving and thought-provoking too. And if you are still not convinced, go see Happy Days on Wednesday when all tickets are only €12 and see what you think!