Camille O’Sullivan at the Soho Theatre

I’m still on the mailing lists for three or four theatres in London. Sometimes I hate reading about all the exciting things I’m missing but I still like knowing what’s going on.

And sometimes I read about something that I feel compelled to pass on to people who can enjoy it. If you are in London you should go and see Camille O’Sullivan at the Soho Theatre on the 27th – 29th April.

After hearing rave reviews for years, I finally saw Camille O’Sullivan last Sept. It was at the Dublin Fringe Festival and she was hosting a variety night type thing called ‘The Cat’s Meow’ in the Speiltent. It was a fabulous night, some members of La Clique performed and there were lots of special guests. Camille was a great host on the night but also gave a wonderful performer. She’s more of an entertainer than a singer, though she does have a great voice.

If you are in London, I would recomend going to see her. It would be £20 well spent! And the Soho Theatre is lovely too and always have weird and wonderful things going on. I think the Spill Festival that’s happening at the moment sounds really interesting.

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