Camille O’Sullivan at the Soho Theatre

I’m still on the mailing lists for three or four theatres in London. Sometimes I hate reading about all the exciting things I’m missing but I still like knowing what’s going on.

And sometimes I read about something that I feel compelled to pass on to people who can enjoy it. If you are in London you should go and see Camille O’Sullivan at the Soho Theatre on the 27th – 29th April.

After hearing rave reviews for years, I finally saw Camille O’Sullivan last Sept. It was at the Dublin Fringe Festival and she was hosting a variety night type thing called ‘The Cat’s Meow’ in the Speiltent. It was a fabulous night, some members of La Clique performed and there were lots of special guests. Camille was a great host on the night but also gave a wonderful performer. She’s more of an entertainer than a singer, though she does have a great voice.

If you are in London, I would recomend going to see her. It would be £20 well spent! And the Soho Theatre is lovely too and always have weird and wonderful things going on. I think the Spill Festival that’s happening at the moment sounds really interesting.

Day of the Figurines by Blast Theory

Day Of The Figurines is the Blast Theory project that I am working with for the next month. It’s a text message game set in a fictional town that is littered, dark and underpinned with steady decay.

Blast Theory is an internationally renowned theatre company that uses interactive media to creating groundbreaking new forms of performance and interactive art. A lot of their performances aim to provide each member with a unique, individual experience. This is true of Day Of The Figurines where each player experiences the game through their “character” or figurine.

The game lasts for 24 days and each day represents an hour in the life of a small English town that shifts from the mundane to the cataclysmic. People playing the game do it via text messages. They can receive news, tasks and dilemmas and have to make decisions on behalf of their figurine. They can also chat to other players who are near them in the town.

The physical representation of the town is set up at the Southbank Centre and will be there until July 5th. And I will be there most of that time too, putting people into the game and moving all the little figurines around. You should all come and join the game or at least come and see the town – and visit me!

There is lots of other fun things happening at the Southbank that you can do as well. There’s the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Hayward Gallery where you can float around in home-made boat and bounce in a giant inflatable sphere! Next weekend there’s Hide and Seek which is a festival “of social games and playful experiences”. There’s also the Lift Festival which has performances inside a lift! And Volume where you can walk around listening to music – that’s the best description I can come up with, it’s a bit weird. However, it is free and I think most if not all of the Hide and Seek games are free as well.

So you have no excuse to come down and see what’s going on at the Southbank – and visit me!

I’ll be there everyday from 12 – 8pm, Sunday 22nd June – Wednesday 2nd of July.

Day Of The Figurines, 12th June – 5th July

Psycho Buildings, until August 5th

Hide and Seek, 27th – 29th June

Lift Festival, 26th June – 6th July

Volume, 13th – 22nd June