We Are Here 3.0

I’m really enjoying my time in London. I love working at the Southbank Centre and I really like being in London during the summer, where it has been sunny almost everyday so far!

However I am disappointed to be missing We Are Here 3.0 which is going on in Dublin at the moment. I picked up a brochere for it when I went to see The Wonderful World of Dissocia in the Project a couple of weeks ago. (I liked the play a lot but not as much as I liked God in Ruins, another Anthony Neilson play, that I saw at Christmas.) The brochere describes it as performances that “use cities and their people as source material.”

It looks like a really interesting collection of performances, all of them seem to be non-traditional theatre and a lot use new media in an interesting way. There’s Etiquette, where two people wearing headphones through which they are told what to do and say, interact with each other or In Real Time where two rooms in different countries are connected via video and audio feeds and the performers and the audience in the two cities can interact with each other.

I would be very interested in seeing how they work and I think they are definitely worth checking out if you’re around Dublin at the moment.

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