What now?

I finished working on Day Of The Figurines last week and moved back home to Ireland. I’m home now for the foreseeable future and I’m not sure what that future holds for me. I need to find a job and start paying back my debts to the bank and to my parents. I also need to figure out what sort of career path I want to take now that I have a 2:1 in Modern Drama Studies.

This week I have been doing lots of job hunting. I’ve applied for quite a few temporary admin jobs because the sooner I start earning money the better. And I’ve also applied for a couple of jobs “in the arts”. We’ll see if anything comes from any of it.

I’m looking forward to the Dublin Theatre Festival and the Fringe Festival in August and September. I’ve missed them over the last few years because they were happening when I was heading back to London. So I’m glad I’ll be around for that this year. I want to become much more familiar with what’s going on in theatre in Dublin. This week I’m going to see Phaedra’s Love at the Project and I’m looking forward to that.

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