Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol 3

The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol 3
The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol 3

The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol 3 is THEATREclub’s festival currently happening at Project Arts Centre. It started last week and is sadly closing this weekend but there is still plenty to see before it ends in a revolutionary bang on Saturday night.

There are four shows on Friday night and three on Saturday, plus the big closing night party. The shows are under different categories – Demotapes are short works-in-progress, New Releases are brand new pieces, LPs are longer pieces and EPs involve established artists trying something different.

Here’s the schedule for the next couple of days:

  Friday Saturday
Demo – 6pm, €6 Postscript Looking For Work
New Release – 7pm, €10 Lippy Lippy
LP – 8.30pm, €12 Madonna Madonna
EP – 10pm, €10 The Churching of Happy Cullen Closing night party


There’s also a couple of other things happening around the festival such as Occupy Project Arts Centre where you can go and visit Anna in her nest under the stairs.

And on Saturday night We, the People will be happening at the entrance to Meeting House Square, just up from Project where Speaker’s Corner will be held and curated by Veronica Dyas. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the list of Speakers.

There’s also the “revolutionary listening party” on Saturday night, which will include new writing from the amazing campaigner Orla Tinsey, a performative response to the festival from THEATREclubs’ Grace Dyas and Shane Byrne and music from Lisa O’Neil and others. And all that for only €12! Book your ticket here.

¡Viva la Revolución!

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