Theatre on the cheap

As my graduation at the end of November is swiftly approaching, I have to accept that I am no longer a penniless student. I’ve decided to “rebrand” myself as a struggling artist instead. Of course, they are both just nicer ways of saying I’m perpetually broke! As a lot of people are in the same boat at the moment, so here’s some cheap theatre happening in Dublin this week.

  1. A Bucket Full of Fire starts a two week run in Smock Alley this week and tickets for the preview tonight (Monday 12 November) are only €10. It’s a new Irish play from Kilkenny company Sheer Tantrum and is on until November 24.

  3. TEXT | messages is back at the Project this week, (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I missed this Shakespeare experiment last year, so I’m looking forward to it this time around. Nine performances based on 160 lines of Shakespeare’s text will be performed over three nights. Each piece will be around 20 minutes long, each show includes three different pieces and tickets are €5 for each night.

  5. Taking Back Our Voices is a “theatrical exploration of prostitution and trafficking in Ireland”. It is based on conversations between the performers and women who have first-hand experience of prostitution and trafficking and is produced in collaboration with Ruhama. I imagine it will be a fairly harrowing 40 minutes of theatre, but still very much worth seeing. It’s on in the Abbey on Thursday and Friday this week at 3pm. Tickets are free but advance booking is required.

  7. And finally for theatre that you don’t even have to leave the house for – Solpadine is my Boyfriend is available as a radio play on the RTE website. Written and performed by Stefanie Preissner, this sold out at the Dublin Fringe and is a sad, beautifully-told story about making changes and growing up.

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