Absolut Fringe 2012: Just in Time

Playground – a collection of immersive and game-based performances.
Just in Time is one part immersive theatre and one part real-life video game. I took part in one of the last testing stages and really enjoyed the experience. It’s fun to imagine yourself as a time-traveller with a secret mission, hurrying down alley-ways and looking out for clues! The people I saw in Temple Bar at the weekend on the same secret mission, all seemed to be enjoying it as well.

Just in Time, which finished on Sunday, was part of the Playground strand in this year’s Fringe. I took part in another Playground ‘performance’ when I put in my headphones and wandered around Grafton Street as part of the subtle mob As if it were the last time.

There are a couple more Playground shows on this week:

My Fair Mot, which promised to have you speaking like a proper Dub by the end of show, sounds both fun and educational!

The other, The Oh Fuck Moment, sounds slightly terrifying to me, but I’m not a big fan of audience participation and I don’t like telling people about my embarrassing stories so I’m not really their target audience! It’s been getting great reviews elsewhere, including a four star review in the Guardian where Lyn Gardner says it’s nothing to be afraid of!

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