Volunteers wanted!

Both the Ulster Bank Theatre Festival and the Absolut Fringe are currently taking applications for volunteers. I’d recommend volunteering for both, the Fringe is in September and the Theatre Festival doesn’t start until October so there’s no overlap and they’re both great fun to work for! You can volunteer as much or as little time as you have. I did both festivals last year while also working full-time; it’s tiring but not impossible! And for the Fringe I was able to work my volunteer shifts around the Trilogy rehearsals – there’s lots of flexibility.

The Fringe application form can be downloaded here (deadline 24th August 2011) and the Ulster Bank Theatre Festival form is here (deadline 2nd September 2011).

I really enjoy volunteering for these festivals, especially the Fringe. I like the people I meet, the feeling of being part of the festival and the free tickets! I’ve seen shows I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and they end being my favourite thing from the festival. I really can’t recommend it enough.

That said, I will not be volunteering for either festival this year because by stage I will have relocated to Galway to start my MA in Drama and Theatre Studies! And even though I am really looking forward to going back to college, I am sorry that I won’t be in Dublin for the festivals.

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