Weekly Round Up

1. Waking the Feminists
This was the event of the week so I couldn’t leave it out of the round-up, even though I don’t have anything to say that I haven’t said already. Here are a couple of links to articles that I like.

Fury, apologies, and calls for respect as feminists shake the Irish theatre world, Aoife Barry for the Journal.ie

‘#WakingTheFeminists’ set hearts on fire at the Abbey Theatre, Chris O’Rourke for the Examiner.com

There was also some interesting discussion about the whole thing on the Irish Times Women’s Podcast, which I missed last week. The fact that public meeting isn’t even mentioned shows how fast things moved! Who knows what will have happened by this time next week!

And a reminder to sign the petition if you haven’t all ready done so.

2. The Long Gaze Back
LongGazeBackOn Saturday I went to an event at the Book Festival about The Long Gaze Back. This was a female anthology of short stories, released earlier this year and edited by Sinead Gleeson. I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my Christmas list. (Or maybe my payday list if I can’t wait until Christmas.) The event included readings by Anne Enright and Lisa McInerney and some general discussion about the book and women artists in general. Waking The Feminists also came up. Anne Enright said that Ireland is a different place now because of what happened in the Abbey this week, and she thinks that difference happened because it was a crowd of women standing on stage and speaking out. If it had been one or two women, they could have been torn about, the discussion would have been about their clothes or their hair or the tone of their voice. But it’s not possible to dismiss that crowd of women in the same way.

Anne also spoke at the launch of The Long Gaze Back where she talked about the Field Day anthology which neglected to include any plays by female playwrights. You can hear her speech from that event here.

3. Paris
It would feel remiss not to mention the terrible atrocities that happened in Paris on Friday night but at the same time, I don’t have anything new to say. The people who committed these hateful acts feed on fear and hate, don’t let them win. Hug your loved ones and find joy in your life. When something like this happens, it makes the world feel like a dark, hateful place. We have to work hard to dispeal that feeling; be kind to one another and make the world better in some way, no matter how small. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Donate to Ireland Calaise Refugee Solidarity or Unicef to help those who have fled across countries to escape the terrorism that happened in Paris on Friday night. Or you could volunteer time or money to Focus Ireland, the Simon Community, with the Samaritans. When the world seems really bleak it helps to do something useful.

4. Give Blood
I know not everyone has the time or money to donate. In that case, maybe you could give blood. Of course, not everybody can donate blood either – there are a lot of restrictions. I’m currently on the black list because I am a woman who donated in the last 18 months and we’re struck off for the moment because we might have anaemia! This means it’s even more important for those that can donate, to do it! It only takes at most two hours every three months, it costs nothing but saves lives. It’s a really easy way to do something useful. The people in the clinic are always very nice and you get free crisps and biscuits afterwards.

5. The Gigli Concert
I don’t go to The Gate that often. It’s prices are too high and I’m usually not that interested in their programmed productions (too many dead men!). However, I am really looking forward to The Gigli Concert this week. I didn’t really know anything about Tom Murphy or his work before I went to Galway to study Drama and Theatre. I was there the same year that Druid did DruidMurphy so I learnt lots about Tom Murphy that year. The Gigli Concert was one of his plays that I was most keen to see performed and I was very sorry when I missed it last year. I’ve heard great things about this production, which finishes on Saturday.

Volunteers wanted!

Both the Ulster Bank Theatre Festival and the Absolut Fringe are currently taking applications for volunteers. I’d recommend volunteering for both, the Fringe is in September and the Theatre Festival doesn’t start until October so there’s no overlap and they’re both great fun to work for! You can volunteer as much or as little time as you have. I did both festivals last year while also working full-time; it’s tiring but not impossible! And for the Fringe I was able to work my volunteer shifts around the Trilogy rehearsals – there’s lots of flexibility.

The Fringe application form can be downloaded here (deadline 24th August 2011) and the Ulster Bank Theatre Festival form is here (deadline 2nd September 2011).

I really enjoy volunteering for these festivals, especially the Fringe. I like the people I meet, the feeling of being part of the festival and the free tickets! I’ve seen shows I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and they end being my favourite thing from the festival. I really can’t recommend it enough.

That said, I will not be volunteering for either festival this year because by stage I will have relocated to Galway to start my MA in Drama and Theatre Studies! And even though I am really looking forward to going back to college, I am sorry that I won’t be in Dublin for the festivals.

One Last Trilogy Post, for the moment anyway!

Here is a message from Nic about taking part in the show in Belfast. After that, they are heading home to Glasgow and will be performing Trilogy on the 3rd/4th/5th and 6th of Glasgow with rehearsals beginning on the 29th or 30th of October. If you’d like to take part in that performance, contact Louise at the address below.



Hello, my name is Nic Green and I would like the help of lots of women for a performance in Belfast from 22nd – 24th October.

The performance in short, is a celebration of the female form, and of what it means to be an individual, dynamic woman, and to feel empowered and allowed to be that, in a society where the emphasis is often on becoming and looking like something/someone else.

The performance and process is about women coming together, empowered in their own skins, to celebrate the very nature of who they are and all their differences. In the past it has been an incredibly fun and exhilarating performance to do and the process has been a truly transformative and empowering experience! I’m looking for anything over 30 people to make this happen.

So here we go….

The first part of the Trilogy (the performance) ends with a high energy, ensemble naked dance. It is a powerful and emotive moment, presenting the female body in an alternative, empowered way, and celebrating the difference and diversity between us.

It is open to all levels of fitness and ability, and in the past we’ve had women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, all abilities, ages and backgrounds and it has been amazing.

Of course I realise it’s a big challenge (for many of us) to do a performance with no clothes on, and I know that the prospect of this will make a lot of people feel nervous however I can promise to approach this in the most sensitive way I know how, and of course no one at any point needs to do anything they do not feel comfortable with.

If you come to the first session (which we will do fully clothed!) and decide you don’t want to come back that is of course absolutely fine and we will fully understand. However if you feel at all interested I would urge you to come along and see what you think and how you feel.

On the other hand, if you feel completely up for a challenge and want to do something different, meet new people and make new friends in a new women’s community, make a point or even just do some dancing for fun-brilliant! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Here are the dates – all will be in Belfast. It’s good if you can make them all, but if you can’t and you really want to do it, please do let us know and I’m sure we can work something out.

Mon 18      6.00pm – 9.00pm
Tues 19      6.00pm – 9.00pm
Wed 20      6.00pm – 9.00pm
Thurs 21     6.00pm – 9.00pm
Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th: PERFORMANCE 7.30pm – 10.30pm

That’s four rehearsals and three performances.

If you are at all interested, please e-mail Louise Brodie louise@nicgreen.org.uk She will give you any further necessary details, however if you are still not sure and you want to talk to me, you can get my number/email address from her. Please do not hesitate to call me!

Thank-You for reading. I hope to hear from many of you in the near future.

Best wishes,
Nic Green.

More opportunities to get involved with the Fringe.

If you would like to get with involved with the Fringe Festival when it all kicks off in a couple of weeks time but you can’t commit to volunteering to the whole festival, or feel that getting naked on stage isn’t really your thing there are still productions looking for volunteers.

Macnas are opening the festival on the Saturday 11th September with “The Wild Hunt and The Sleepwalker – A Nocturnal Ballad”, a spectacular out-door event at Collins Barracks. They have lots of jobs for people who want to help out, including performers who have the ability to “follow directions and be enthusiastic in all weather conditions!” They are also looking for Stage Managers and Stewards, Fire Stewards and Float Operators.

There’s more information on the Fringe Festival website here.

And on the Gaiety School of Acting blog, Playgroup are looking for extras who can sing for their Fringe show Berlin Love Tour. More information here.