Final week of the Dublin Theatre Festival

It’s the last few days of the Dublin Theatre Festival but there is still lots of great theatre to see.

Enron opened on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great, sprawling story which Lucy Prebble has managed to translate into a very neat, very comprehensible play. It gets the balance between story and big, theatrical set-pieces just right and I would really recommend it. It runs until Saturday and there are still tickets available.

I am going to see The Author on Friday and I can’t wait. There was lots of very positive things being said about it on Twitter this morning (and being re-tweeted by the Project and the Festival!). A lot of comments have said things like ‘important’ or ‘thought-provoking’ or ‘controversial’. I’m not sure if it’s an enjoyable play but I am eager to see it. It runs until Sunday and there are still some tickets available.

The final part of the Ontroerend Goed trilogy A Game of You is also on this week. Of the other two, I loved The Smile Off Your Face, I found it a really gorgeous experience but I was a little bit more ambivalent about Internal, still an interesting experience but I don’t think I’d do it again. They are very much immersive theatre and I would recommend giving it a go! I’m curious to see what A Game of You has in store for me. It runs until Sunday and are still lots of time slots available.

I went to see Hugh Hughes open rehearsal today and it was very interesting. He is a very engaging performer and I’m hoping to see at least one of his shows at the weekend, time and money allowing. There is a free screening of the documentary How I Got Here tomorrow at 6pm and his three shows – Floating, The Story of a Rabbit and 360 are all running until Sunday.

There are also free Panel Discussions happening over the weekend. I’m hoping to get the ‘What are you Looking At’ panel on Saturday.

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