Fringe Awards or the great shows I missed at the Fringe

The winners of the 2010 Fringe Awards can be found here. The only one that I actually saw was the Best Production winner As You Are Now So Once Were We. (Review coming soon!)

The Show in a Bag crowd did very well, both in terms of nominations and winners. I didn’t see any of them because I was working but hopefully they will all have a life after the Fringe and I will get a chance to see them again.

Other shows that come up a lot are Berlin Love Tour, World’s End Lane and Heroin, which won the Spirit of the Fringe Award for TheatreClub.

World’s End Lane seems to have been the show to see this year. It gets a couple of mentions in the Irish Times Fringe round-up, as well as winning Best Off-Site Production. Louise Lowe is very good at making off-site and site specific work. I loved Anu Production’s Basin last year. I saw it by accident because I happened to be working at it, and I’m so glad I did. It was almost an art installation and the audience could pick and choose what they wanted to see. I’m sorry I missed World’s End Lane this year, though that Irish Times article makes it sound like a terrifying experience. It’s part one of a series of pieces about the area and I am not going to miss the rest!

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