Closing night of the Fringe

It’s the last day of the Fringe and I haven’t managed to post a single review! They are coming. They’re half-written here and there and I will post them eventually. Too late to actually encourage you to go and see anything, but I generally saw things when they were all ready almost over. I like reading reviews of shows I’ve seen as well as shows I’m thinking about seeing so hopefully other people feel the same way!

My head has been full of Trilogy this week. It still is, really. I saw the show of Thursday and I will try to find the words to describe how it moved and inspired and energised me very soon. I loved it. I loved the show itself and I loved being involved in it. It was more than just a few evenings of rehearsals, it was about finding your place on that stage, in that group of people and I really got a lot out of it. I haven’t always found it easy to write about that process while it was going on – I’m going to need a few days to digest it all. I’m looking forward to having time to do that now and at the same time, I’m really sad it’s all over.

The Fringe is almost all over as well. All that’s left is the closing night party and the Fringe Awards where a whole of shows I didn’t see are nominated. Despite that, I still want to be there for the awards. I’m really tired today but it feels important to be there to celebrate the end of a fantastic Fringe!

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