Corn Exchange in Edinburgh with Freefall

Corn Exchange, one of my favourite Irish theatre companies, are currently performing Freefall at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. Freefall is their beautiful and moving show from last year’s Ulster Bank Theatre Dublin Festival. It’s a small story about an ordinary man but told with much compassion, gentle humour and a little bit of silliness. The narrative weaves and bobs over the course of the play, time and places change quickly and the cast play a number of different characters (or the same characters at different times in their life) but these transitions seem natural within the structure of the play and the audience never gets left behind. There is a lot going on in the play but Corn Exchange make it look easy!

I loved Freefall when I saw it at the Project last October and it is getting a lot of love from the people of Edinburgh as well. There have been 4 star reviews from Fringe Guru and The List, and a nomination for the Carol Tambor Award. (I follow Corn Exchange on Twitter and Facebook and they keep me up-to-date on these things!).

Freefall is at the Traverse until August 29 and back in Dublin at the Abbey on 23 November – 4 December. I’m looking forward to seeing it again then!

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