Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival 2010

The Dublin Theatre Festival launched it’s 2010 programme today, though you can’t book tickets until August 18th, unless you are a friend of the Festival.

It looks like a good programme though – a nice mix of Irish and international shows. Every time I visit the website, I see new things that I want to go and see. I will probably go into the Festival office tomorrow and pick up a programme. Although the website is great, I like being able to flick through the book, see what images catch my eye, fold down the pages of things that I definitely don’t want to miss.

Some things that have already caught my eye are Enron – I have heard so many good things about this show, The Author – because Tim Crouch’s plays are generally strange and interesting, 565+ – I saw a version of this at Project Brand New last year and really liked it. I also really liked Una McKevitt’s last show Victor & Gord, CIRCA – even though I’m not really into movement based piece, this looks interesting.

There are lots of other things that sound interesting and exciting but Theatre Festival shows are expensive and I won’t be able to afford all the things that I would like to see. It’s worth booking early to get the cheap(er) seats, especially for things in the Project where the seating is unallocated and the different prices are based purely on a first come, first served basis.

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