In Protest Of…

Protest_LongImageIn Protest Of… by Gráinne Lynch
Smock Alley Theatre
26th & 27th February 2015

Is there something you want to stand up and shout about? Come and protest against it without getting your feet wet or standing in the cold. You don’t even have to shout if you don’t want to. Let Susie and Lucy put you through your protest paces as they try to change the world. Learn how to protest effectively and you might even change the outcome, or you might have absolutely no effect whatsoever. (Don’t worry – audience participation is optional!)

Written and directed by Gráinne Lynch
Performed by Mary Conroy and Rachel Mungra

This was the first play I wrote that made it to full production. It was part of Collaborations 2015.

Here are some of the blogs I wrote about the show:

I’m writing a play! – January 8th
I finished play! – January 23rd

Rehearsal process – February 6th
Opening night excitement – February 26th
All done! – March 1st

Me, protesting - from the Smock Alley newsletter.
Protesting – from the Smock Alley newsletter.

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