Appy Talk #1 – The wardrobe app

An app that picks out your clothes for the day based on the weather forecast and what you have in your calendar. Particularly useful on days when you are running from meetings to the gym to dinner with friends or days when the weather is being typically Irish and in the space of an hour it goes from sleet and hailstones to warm sunshine. Who knows what to wear in that weather? The app would put together an outfit with lots of layers that you can strip off as needed, and that also works with water-proof shoes. It will also look at your calendar, note that you have to walk 20 minutes to an afternoon appointment so those shoes better be comfortable. It could even synch with your period tracker and choose more comfortable, darker clothes for than time of the month.

This app would be way too practical for Cher.

The app would mainly be marketed at women as these clothes dilemma’s are generally more of a women’s problem. After all, we are likely to be paid more if we are well groomed, whereas men can wear the same suit every day for a year and no-one will notice.

Pros: You will no longer be sweltering on an unexpectedly warm day because you’re afraid to take off your jumper and expose the gaping buttons of the shirt underneath which is a bit too tight for a professional setting. You won’t find yourself with wet feet because it was sunny when you left the house and strappy sandals seemed like a really good idea. If that meeting you scheduled months ago is in your calendar, then you will be suitably dressed for it. You can also gets it’s opinion on clothes before you buy them, telling you whether or not it goes with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Cons: It would take some time to set up as you have to upload everything in your wardrobe into the app. This could become more streamlined with online shopping – the app will take the items from your emails and put them straight into your virtual wardrobe. You would also have to teach it what goes with what, what shoes are not suitable for rainy days or long walks, what tops go a bit see-through in the rain, etc. It should get smarter over time.

They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

Extra features: Tag your clothes with how they make you feel. Then you can tell the app that today you want to look powerful or confident or sexy as hell and it will put together the perfect outfit that it also suitable for that day’s appointments and the weather feature.

Extension Pack: For an extra cost, you can get a stylist to assess your virtual wardrobe, put together new outfits for you and suggest some things to buy to get the most out what you already have.

taken from The Pool

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