BansheeEarlier this year, I supported the Banshee Kickstarter because it sounded like an interesting project that was just the right amount of ambitious. (And because I like getting exciting things in the post. I am always more likely to support a crowd-funding campaign that promises to send me nice things in the post.)

I’m not a big magazine reader. I read a lot online and when I’m away from the computer, I prefer to read fat novels. But Banshee came through the door when I was between books and it was nice to read short pieces for a change. It has a nice mix of stories, poems and essays. The magazine is a great size for your handbag (unlike the books that give you backache) and a lot of the pieces are the right length to enough with a cup of tea or on a short bus journey. It’s gets a big thumbs up for me. You can still subscribe here and looking forward to getting something exciting in the post next year. It’s an investment in your future happiness.

They are also accepting submissions for the next issue at the moment and you have until Halloween night to send in your poems, short stories or essays. Submission details are here. And you can also read an interview with the three editors here.

If you can’t wait for the post or just aren’t interested in hard-copy magazines, I recommend you head over to The Coven for your literary needs, another spookily named literary magazine but one that’s all online.

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