No longer a student

Normally around this time of year, I write about things that I’m hoping to see in the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Dublin Theatre Festival. There are a lot of great shows in both festivals this year and both programmes are very exciting. And all the wonderful shows to choose from is one of the reasons that I haven’t managed to pick any favourites yet.

The other is that up to a couple of weeks ago, I was busy trying to get my MA portfolio finished and I’m really surfacing from that now. There was a lot of writing going on over the last couple of months but sadly none of it made it to the blog. Now that the portfolio is done and dusted, I will try and changed that.

I’m proud of the work I handed in and really glad that I did the MA. I had a wonderful time this year, I met and worked with some fantastic people and I learnt a lot. I’m a little bit sad that that’s all over. It’s also a little bit scary because it means I have to go back into the real world and figure out what to do next.

At the moment I’m am look for work. If you know of any jobs going for theatre graduates with lots of admin experience, please let me know! General career advice is also welcome. Or even general life-after-college advice.

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