Absolut Fringe 2011: Eternal Rising of the Sun

Eternal Rising of the Sun, by HotForTheatre

Eternal Rising of the Sun was another one-woman show. There were a lot of them in this year’s Fringe Festival and that’s no bad thing, especially when they are as good as this.

It’s a slightly harrowing tale of Gina, a woman who has been used and abused by most, if not all, of the men in her life. But she’s not giving up. She’s taking dance classes, just for herself, just because she loves to dance. It’s an uplifting show in it’s own quiet way.

The show is written and performed by Amy Convoy and follows the success of her first play I ♥ ALICE ♥ I which won the Fishamble New Writing Award in last year’s Fringe Festival and got another run in this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival. It’s a great script, slowly revealing more about Gina as the story goes on. This is exactly how you can imagine you would get to know the character. Amy also gives a wonderful performance. She plays Gina with a sort of contained energy, like there is a whole lot going on inside that we are only getting a glimpse of.

I hope Amy Conroy keeps making wonderful, moving shows like this one!

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