Theatre workshops in Dublin this July

There are a few interesting workshops coming up in Dublin this month. A couple geared towards theatre makers and one for performers.

Fantasy Interventions is about writing site-specific theatre but it sounds like it would be useful for kick-starting writing for any kind of theatre. It says that the 3 day workshop will “will concern itself with the initial stages of imagination and conception….while willfully exceeding many ‘real world’ limitations (financial, structural, political, aesthetic, etc).” It’s not all about blue sky thinking however; participants will also have to present their own scenarios on the final day. There are only 10 spaces available and the closing date for applications is July 14. The workshop is on 25 – 27 July and costs €100. Visit the Project Art Centre’s website for more information.

Ahead of the Game is a two-day workshop on interactive performances, theatre games and technology. I think this will be really interesting, partly because I can’t adequately explain what it is about even though I am familiar with this type of performance. I think of it as immersive theatre and associate it with Blast Theory but I think there’s more to it than that! ‘m learning more by following Hilary O’Shaughnessy from Make & Do on Twitter – @PlayFairIrl. The workshop is on July 27-28 in Trinity College Dublin and costs €100 if you book before July 9 and €120 if you book after that date!

And finally Andy Crook and John Dawson are running another Playpen weekend. This will involve comedy improv and more general acting improv with two very good teachers. It’s the only one of the three that’s on a weekend – July 16 and 17, in the FBC building on Abbey Street – and therefore suitable for people like myself who work full time! It’s €90 for the two days.

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