Absolut Fringe Festival 2011

The fantastic, glorious, wonderful machine that is the Absolut Fringe Festival is already gearing up for another year. It takes a whole lot of fabulous people to make those magical two weeks in September happen. (Magical is not an exaggeration – it’s still six months away and I am already looking forward it.)

If you would like to be one of those fabulous people – good news – they’re hiring!

The Fringe are currently looking for a Marketing Assistant (closing date for applications – Friday, 25 March) and a Festival Club Producer (closing date – Wednesday, 30 March). These are the paid positions.

They are also looking for Interns (scroll down, there are a few positions listed there) and names for the Willing Workers List.

For the willing workers, they are looking for “people who are interested in working in a design, backstage, production, technical or administrative capacity. Or just want to help out with whatever is needed.” You wouldn’t actually be working for the Fringe – they would pass on your details to the theatre makers and they would contact you about work. In most instances, I’d imagine they would be looking for people who are willing to work for free or as close to free as possible. It’s an opportunity to get involved with the festival and maybe add something interesting to your CV.

I’ve never done the willing workers list or been an intern with the Fringe, but as I’ve said many times before, I always enjoy volunteering with them. And I’ve seen the same staff and interns come back year after year which suggests they are decent employers!

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