Daily Voice & Movement Classes with ATI

Actor’s Training Ireland are doing daily voice and movement classes starting at the end of the month. I’ve done a number of workshops with ATI and always found them really interesting and useful. I also just enjoy being in a room full of actors or people who are interested in acting and performing, because it makes my interest in it seems much more normal!

These classes sound great because you can do them whenever suits you and I think the cost is really reasonable. I promise they’re not paying me to advertise them, I just want someone to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity because I can’t!

Daily Voice and Movement Classes
Monday – Friday
22nd November – 17th December (except 6th & 7th)
2 hours – 10.00 – 12.00

Up to 9 classes – €100
Up to 18 classes – €180

Dublin International Hostel, 61 Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7

These daily 2 hour classes offer an integrated approach to voice and movement and give actors the chance to fully engage their mind and body, to be centred, open and vocally and physically connected. They are a way of becoming imaginatively and physically flexible, of being vocally strong and adaptable and mentally liberated.

These daily classes will provide a strong framework for actors to engage with thought, action and emotion and prepare them for acting work, working on text or improvisation. They encourage actors to be playful, spontaneous, thoughtful and purposeful.

Do as many as you like, whenever you like!

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