One down, three to go!

I was feeling very nervous arriving at the theatre yesterday evening. I had butterflies in my stomach and I actually felt a little bit sick. It was nice to check in with the other women and find out how everyone else was feeling. I felt better after we did a couple of quick run-throughs. And then suddenly it was time to get in positions and open the doors to the audience.

We had a final pre-show pep-talk after the last run-through. Standing on stage, in a circle, naked, it was really nice to really see all the different bodies. When we’re bopping around on stage I’m usually too concentrating on the steps to see people. It’s amazing how quickly this nakedness has become normal. Last night, Nic was giving direction to the stage manager. But she was naked.

The actual performance was amazingly, a lot less scary than I expected it to be. The most nerve-racking part for me was standing in the wings listening to the audience coming into the theatre. At that point, it really feels like there is no turning back but once the show actually started, my nerves calmed down almost immediately and I felt ready to go onstage!

And it was great. Much easier than I was expecting. I was aware of the audience as a whole but not really as individuals and it was over much too soon. I think the audience enjoyed our little dance though I haven’t been talking to anyone about it.

I’ve heard a couple of people saying great things about the show. One was an e-mail from a work colleague that was waiting for me when I came into work this morning!

And now, I’m off to the theatre again. To another sold-out show. If you’re thinking about coming to see it, get your tickets now from

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