Fringe Launch

Tonight, at the Ringside Club on the South Circular Road, despite the wet and miserable weather – the Absolut Fringe Festival 2010 was launched. Much Absolute vodka was drunk (pear vodka is surprisingly tasty!), speeches were made, many, many flyers were handed out and the programme was finally revealed!

And it is fabulous!

Camille is back, which makes me happy. There’s no Speigaltent this year so she will be playing at the Absolut Fringe Factory (also known as Pravda on Liffey Street). It will be this year’s venue for music and comedy, and will be hosting Festival Club – late night events for a fiver, tickets only available on the door after 9.30pm.

There are so many shows that I’m excited about, I really can’t go into them all here! I’m away for the first three days of the Fringe and feel like I’m missing so much in those few days!

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