Volunteer for the Dublin Theatre Festival

The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival has put out a call for volunteers for this year’s festival. I’ve blogged enthusiastically about my experience volunteering for the Fringe Festival over the last two years but I haven’t actually worked for the Theatre Festival.

Last year I applied to be a volunteer and even went to the information evening but I didn’t make the final cut. The Theatre Festival don’t use as many volunteers as the Fringe and they get a lot of applicants, especially with so many people unemployed at the moment so they can afford to be fussy. I was unavailable for a lot of the festival due to weekends away and other plans so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t get any shifts.

I have applied again this year, mostly for the free tickets because Theatre Festival shows can be expensive, but I also know that I would get a lot out of the experience.

If you are interested, the application form can be downloaded here.

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