Opening night excitement

It’s opening night! Tonight my play takes to the stage which is both exciting and terrifying.

Over the last few weeks I have been busy rehearsing with my wonderful, talented and generous cast – Mary Conroy and Rachel Mungra. We have been blocking scenes, cutting lines and learning about these characters and their stories. It’s been great fun to work on my own script and to see it get better as I work on it with the cast and we throw away the unnecessarily lines and add moments of movement or stillness. It feels like such a privilege to be making this piece for Collaborations and I am very grateful to Mary and Rachel for working with me to turn it into a living, breathing thing, instead of just words on a page.

Yesterday morning we went into tech in the Main Space and we got to spend four hours making that beautiful space our own. I have been thinking about lights and sounds and set and how I can use them to enhance the story we are trying to tell, without spending too much money. Yesterday we got to put all the different elements together with a basic set and a made-up lighting design. They added another aspect to the whole production. It all feels very real now.

As rehearsals progressed, I’ve been getting more and more eager to get the show in front of an audience. I think it’s good. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and I want to share it with people. Watching the tech run in the theatre yesterday, I couldn’t wait to be watching it with an audience. I am excited for opening night tonight. It’s going to be fun. I hope I’ll see you there!

Tickets will be available on the door or you can book here.


I finished a play!

I finished writing my play and sent it to a few people to get some feedback. I felt euphoria at having a completed script swiftly followed by the fear of what other people would have to say about it. There was no need for the fear because the feedback I got was all kind and lovely. I obviously choose well when I was deciding on the people to send my brand new script to because they all said nice things about it and were very encouraging and supportive! It was great to hear what other people saw in the script and that feed into the next draft.

The other really helpful thing was hearing it read by actors. The characters came into themselves more and it was really good to hear the actors’ thoughts on their characters and where they saw inconsistencies or confusion around the characters behaviour. Letting the play exist somewhere other than my computer screen was like re-potting a plant. The plant grow quickly to fill the bigger pot and the play got bigger and better.

In Protest Of…

Wednesday was the Collaborations launch night and while I was delighted to finally get my hands on the programme, it was also really interesting talking to people about the show and hearing other peoples reactions to the subject matter. My show is about protest and I spent a lot of time at the launch waving my protest sign! I’m starting to look forward to sharing the show with an audience at the end of February. Tickets are on sale now from the Smock Alley website.

And you still have one more day to donate to the crowd-finding campaign for eternal gratitude, rewards and general good vibes.

My play has now moved on to the rehearsal stage and seeing it becoming more than just words on the page is very exciting.