Dublin Dance Festival 2013

After the glorious weather at the weekend, if finally feels like summer’s on its way and with it all the summer festivals. Phizz Fest and the Drogheda Arts Fesitval were on this weekend and next up is the Dublin Dance Festival, from May 14- 26. I don’t go to that many dance shows and I’m not sure I’ve even been to the Dublin Dance Festival before, but I have seen and enjoyed a couple recently (I saw IMDT’s Body Duet at IETM and Cois Ceim’s Touch Me in Galway last year) and I’m also looking forward to Fabulous Beast’s double bill at this year’s Galway Arts Festival.

Egg Charade by Aoife McAtamney & Nina Vallon Image credit: (c) Joan Corres Benito
Egg Charade by Aoife McAtamney & Nina Vallon
Image credit: (c) Joan Corres Benito
I also think the Dance Festival has a particularly strong programme this year and it’s worth a look! (Probably the programme was always excellent, it’s just my taste that has changed!) I am particularly taken by Egg Charade, which includes the following warning: Contains nudity (and bowling).

But there’s a wide variety of shows to chose from. Tickets are mostly around the €20 but some of the shorter shows are €12-15. This includes the shows in the Family Season strand, which all look beautiful and includes Spill – A Playground of Dance, which is free!

There’s also the Dance Deal where if you book 3 or 4 different dance deal shows you get 15% off full price tickets. If you book five or more shows, you get 20% off full price tickets.

There are also dance workshops with dancers performing in the festival. Some of them are limited to dancers or dance students but there are some open classes too.

All in all, a great looking festival!

Cork’s Midsummer Festival

Unlike music festivals, theatre festivals generally don’t involve standing in the rain, fighting through the mud in your wellies or Portaloos. Last Sunday when a lot of people were cursing the weather-gods at Forbidden Fruit in Kilmainham, I spent the day indoors at the Town Hall Theatre in Galway, enjoying Druid’s cycle of Tom Murphy plays. They are finishing up in Galway today but they will be back as part of the Galway Arts Festival in July.

In the meantime, Cork Midsummer Festival is less than two weeks away and has a very exciting programme.

There’s another chance to see Fabulous Beast’s Rian on June 21 – 23. I’ve been a fan of Fabulous Beast since I first saw them at the Barbican in 2007. I saw this show in the Gaiety as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival last October. Where their previous shows The Bull and James Son of James were more story and character-based, Rian is all about music and movement. I saw it during my four days in Dublin with the MAs and it just left me feeling gloriously happy.

I missed Berlin Love Tour when it was in the Absolut Fringe a couple of years ago. It sold out before I managed to get a ticket; don’t let the same happen to you! The size of the audience is limited so it will sell out fast and it sounds like it’s a wonderful show. It does involve being outside so it may require rain gear! It is a tour of Berlin that takes place in Cork.

If you like shows in unusual locations, the Ciudades Paralelas strand of the festival are offering shows in shopping centres, a library, the court house, a train station, various hotel rooms, the roof of City Hall and outside an apartment block. All of these performances are non-traditional theatre pieces and a lot of them involve experiencing the performance through headphones.

Once again Solstice have a packed programme of events in many different disciplines, including a six brand new works that are currently being developed. They also have a long way to go on their Fund:it campaign and only 4 days left to do it. There are wonderful, unique rewards if you are afford to donate €50+.

Solstice also have opportunities for artists with the PARLEY initiative and you can volunteer for the Midsummer Festival here.