Pineapple by Phillip McMahon

I finally saw Pineapple last night and it did not disappointment. Tomorrow is your last chance to see this fantastic show – please don’t miss it.

The play is funny and sad. The characters are wonderful and they feel real. The actors are all fantastic. Caoilfhionn Dunne as Paula, the downtrodden sister who is trying to look after everybody, is particularly good but every single actor onstage is terrific. And they have a great script to work with.

There are some great lines in this play and it all feels like real people talking. At the beginning of the play, it took me a few seconds to tune in to the dialogue between the two teenagers. It felt like trying to understand Shakespearean dialogue. (Really it just means I’m officially old and I can’t understand young people anymore.)

I loved every aspect of this performance. As well as the fantastic cast and funny, engaging script, the set is clever and versatile and also manages to say something about the characters – the falling apart flat, the monkey-bars the two girls hang off and the way the bars become the window of the flat. It’s as if Paula’s home extends into the area around the flats and to the neighbours above and below her. It got the sense of community across very neatly. The lighting was also really beautiful. I love the coloured back lighting and the shadows the lights cast.

The whole show is great to look at and wonderful to listen to. The two hours flew by so quickly; I wasn’t ready for it to be over! I would have happily watched these characters for another two hours.

You have one last chance to see it – book your ticket now!

Pineapple at the Drogheda Arts Festival

Calipo are probably the first theatre company I fell in love with, when I saw ‘Love is the Drug’ almost 15 years ago. My geography teacher was in it. I saw Thisispopbaby‘s “Alice in Funderland” last January and it’s still one of the best things I’ve seen this year, so I’m looking forward to Calipo’s new show ‘Pineapple’, written by Mr. Thisispopbaby, Phillip McMahon. It also stars the wonderful Janet Moran, who was both hilarious and heart-breaking in ‘No Romance’ at the Peacock earlier last year.

It opens tonight in the Droichead Arts Centre, as part of the Drogheda Arts Festival, then moves first to Draiocht in Blanschardstown and then to Axis in Ballymun.

Last year was the first time I ever made it to the Drogheda Arts Festival. I always seem to be away for the May bank holiday and this year is no exception. However I am looking forward to seeing Pineapple at Axis. It’s a lovely theatre and very easy to get to from town.