WakingTheFeminists – One Year Later

Most end of year write-ups that I've seen look back at 2016 and remind us of all the terrible things that happened in the last 12 months. A lot of terrible things did happen but I want to write something more positive. I want to pay tribute to WakingTheFeminists and all they achieved last year.... Continue Reading →


What to do when you’re feeling over-whelmed by the state of the world.

ImageĀ from a Buzzfeed article on 21 Perfect German Words We Need in English. Check it out, there are some beauties there. There are so many things to worry about right now. So many things to care about and feel anxious about and powerless to correct. For a start, in Ireland the number of people being... Continue Reading →

I am not a Blogger

I started reading blogs almost 20 years ago, back when they were still called online journals or online diaries. The ones I read were mostly written by girls in high-school or college in the US. They were young women who had taught themselves html coding so they could create webpages and graphic design so they... Continue Reading →

First Thought Talks at GIAF

I wish I could have spent more time in Galway during last month's GIAF but all I managed was a couple of day trips. I saw Arlington (a love song), which was dark and twisty and very Enda Walsh, and Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, a high-energy belter of a show with a fantastic cast... Continue Reading →

Why I give blood

Last week I went to the blood donor clinic. You have to wait three months between each blood donation, but it's probably been about 12 months since I'd last donated. Last time I went it was really busy and I left without even signing in. The time before that my iron was too low and... Continue Reading →

Appy Talk #1 – The wardrobe app

An app that picks out your clothes for the day based on the weather forecast and what you have in your calendar. Particularly useful on days when you are running from meetings to the gym to dinner with friends or days when the weather is being typically Irish and in the space of an hour... Continue Reading →

Currently reading: feminist literature

Over the last year and a bit I've been reading a lot of books about feminism. Partly as research for a thing I'm writing but mostly just because I'm interested. (This is also why I'm writing about it!) Here is a short round-up of my feminist reading list. The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer Germaine Greer's... Continue Reading →

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